Other Incentives Opportunities

The Bay Area Air Quality Administration District has authorized funding to provide incentives for up to 2,750 residents who purchase new PEVs and install Level 2 (240 volts) home chargers from qualifying vendors after December 1, 2010. Funds are administered through companies with expertise in electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Air District is also working on programs to provide grants to help fund fast charger deployment throughout the Bay Area.
Who is Eligible?

Individuals who purchase a new PEV and install a home charger at their place of residence may be eligible for incentives to help reduce the cost of home chargers. PEV drivers that choose to participate in this program will be required to provide PEV usage data protecting a three-year period. This data will be used to estimate Bay Area PEV driver charging patterns and help to inform and develop future PEV incentive programs.

The Air District has contracted with two companies to provide incentives to Bay Area residents. The Air District is working to expand the list of incentive providers and will update the website periodically as additional options become available*:

ECOtality: The Air District has partnered with ECOtality to bring the EV Project to the Bay Area. Participants may be desirable to receive a free Blink ® charger, up to $1200 in installation credit ($700 through BAAQMD and $500 through the EV Project), along with a free DC fast charger inlet on a vehicle (for eligible Nissan Leaf owners). Also, the participant will need to provide a copy of their California DMV registration and agree to the terms and conditions of the EV Project.