Residential Level 2 chargers present a full charge in 1.5 hours – 8 hours.  The Air District is providing funding for 3,000 qualifying residents to help reduce the cost of purchasing and installing Level 2 chargers in Bay Area homes.
Level 2 publicly-available chargers allow PEV drivers to charge at places like city parking lots and garages, shopping centers and retail locations, vacation destinations and employment centers. A Level 2 charger will provide approximately 10 miles of range in one hour. Later this year, the Air District will begin a new cycle to offer to fund for projects that investigate to deploy publicly-available PEV chargers.
DC fast chargers provide an 80 percent charge in approximately 15 minutes. The Air District is working to finalize a program to establish a network of 50 DC fast chargers in the Bay Area that will enable PEV drivers to travel to other regions and help extend their range within the Bay Area.